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American College of Radiology (ACR) Dartmouth Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) Course - Reston, Virginia (Sep 13 - 15, 2021)

Reston, Virginia
PET/CT has become the standard-of-care imaging modality in cancer management and has garnered an evolving role in diagnosing neurodegenerative and oncologic diseases. This 150-case, three-day preceptorship is designed to provide practicing radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians with an intensive, hands-on experience in reading PET/CT. Attendees will interpret more than 150 oncologic PET/CT scans. Each multiple-scan interpretation session concludes with a detailed review of the key findings. Through these sessions, the attendee will develop a higher level of expertise and confidence in interpreting PET/CT. ,If you have already completed some formal course work on PET and/or PET/CT but only have limited experience reading scans in daily clinical practice, this course is for you. ,Program and Learning Objectives At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to: • Identify and discuss the clinical applications of PET/CT • Describe a systematic approach to interpreting PET/CT • Recognize normal variants, incidental findings, and pitfalls on PET/CT • Interpret PET/CT for a wide range of oncologic indications including assisting in diagnosis, staging, restaging and monitoring response to therapy in a variety of cancer types ,Additional details will be posted as soon as information is available.
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