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Advanced Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound - Blended Course

Blended Advanced Emergency...
St. petersburg, Florida
Blended Advanced Emergency/Critical Care Ultrasound Course provides participants a strong foundation to perform the core critical care ultrasound applications as outlined in the WINFOCUS and ACEP practice guidelines. This blended course combines the Introduction to Critical Care Ultrasound comprehensive online course featuring fifteen (15) months unlimited access to the video and interactive case presentation modules presented by leading industry experts, PLUS a (1) One Day (6 Hours) hands on workshop at our facility in St. Petersburg, FL. The hands-on workshop provides extensive hands-on skills training with the industry leading 3:1 participant to instructor ratio with live models and inanimate phantoms to allow the learner to immediately integrate the skills learned into clinical practice. Objectives Topics: • Increase the participant’s knowledge to better perform and/or interpret Emergency Medicine & Critical Care Ultrasound examinations. • Identify sonographic characteristics associated with abdominal sepsis involving the hepatobiliary, renal, and GI systems. • Outline indications and applications of color Doppler in the emergency and critical care setting. • Perform ultrasound evaluation of the lung, ocular, soft-tissue, musculoskeletal and bony cortices in the emergency department. • Demonstrate the use of ultrasound guidance for peripheral vascular access. • State principles of spectral and cardiac Doppler fundamentals and apply quantitative methods to evaluate acute valvular abnormalities. • Recognize the sonographic appearance of individual nerves and list the advantages provided when ultrasound is used for performing regional nerve blocks. • Evaluate fluid responsiveness in the critically ill patient. • Perform testicular ultrasound and recognize acute abnormalities. • Increase confidence to incorporate protocols, scan techniques, and interpretation criteria to improve diagnostic/treatment accuracy.
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